General English

A common Teaching Foreign Language Programme in Europe and a common standart ,common measurement and aiming to form up a tool European Modern Languages Department , has formed up TheCommonEuropean Framework of Reference forLanguages .

These educations that are provided by Oxford Language Schools are in correlation with that system and the method that is favoured is Communicative Approach , which is focused on communication and the course books and materials of the lessons are provided from the UK .

Educators of Oxford Language Schools give seminars regularly every year , they really care the educations our students get .

Everbody , who wants to make a contribution to his/her English and career , can join in our General English Courses . The assessment of their English levels are tested according to TheCommonEuropean Framework of Reference forLanguages., , namely seven levels of English and then they are tested by considering European Language Passport by our learners and educators .

Our education system that is based on functional and communicational basics aims to teach English in a nice environment and atmosphere that is colorful and entertaining . The system also supports the learners with extra materials . All skills of English are applied in the classes , namely speaking , listening , writing , reading .

Internationally-valid system is being planned by Turkish and Native Speaker of English Teachers .

Duration of the courses is between 1-6 month(s) considering the chosen course . One level is of 60 lessons ( An acedemic lesson lasts 40 minutes ) In addition to these ,activities for reading , writing, listening , speaking are also provided for free of charge .



In this course , 1200 words are being taught in 60 hours and it lasts 2,5 months . Basic tenses and topics are being taught . At the end of the course , the learner will reach to an extent where he/she can Express himself/herself . 3 quizes and 1 final exam are applied .


A1 (Elementary)

The learner can communicate in a basic way if the people facing him speak slowly and clearly and help . He can Express himself and tell where he lives , what he has and he also can answer the questions basicly and communicate .

In sixty hours , 1300 words are being taught and and it lasts 2,5 months . Learners are motivated and encouraged to attend the lessons and be active . They can prepare resumes and Exchange information . They can get a certificate at the end of the course , approved by the Ministry of Education .


A2 (Pre- Intermediate)

By using a basic language , he can give information about his background and environment and meet his needs . He can communicate over the known topics and use the common words related to personality , family , shopping , work atmosphere and he can understand them all when they are being talked over .

In sixty hours , 1300 new words are being taught and it lasts 2,5 months . In this course the learner starts to talk/speak fluently The class members are becoming less and they become more and more active in the classes they attended .


B1 (Intermediate)

The learner can direct what he/she has experienced and lived , he can talk over his/her dreams , hopes , plans , views and give reasons to them . He can express himself on his known topics , ideas in between the topics with the help of the passages . He can cope with the language that is needed in travellings , Daily life situations . In everyday usage , at work or school the topics that are met in can be easy for him or her to talk over . He can understand both spoken and written languages when he or she faces with .

In sixty hours , 1300 new words are being taught and it lasts 3 months and the learner uses a fluent language and a natural language . At the end of this course , 2nd Course Certificate can be obtained by the learner , which is approved by the Ministry of Education .


B2 (UpperIntermediate)

The learner can express himself/herself in detailed topics clearly and he can give positive and negative sides of a topic and can give his/her view on a topic . Without feeling difficulty , h/she can communicate with a native speaker in a natural way and can understand/grasp the main idea of a topic that is a little bit hard and can have discussions over technical topics or in his/her areas of the study .

This course lasts 60 hours and 1300+1300 new words are being learned and it lasts 3 months and a certicate is given which is approved by the Ministry of Education .TOEFL , KPDS certificates can also be taken .

C1 (Advanced)

In confusing topics , in passages where connections are alleged and correlations are perfectşy expressed , has detailed contexts , the learner can feel relaxed and express himself in a natural way . He can find the expressions that are needed in a natural way and fluent way .He can understand and grasp the passages that are a bit confusing and long and he can notice the expressions and indicators in those passages .

It lasts 120 hours and 1300+1300 new words are being taught . It lasts 6 months .


C2 (Proficient)

The learner can express himself or herself fully bu using a very fluent English . He can make use of even a slight meaning of Word or a context while expressing . He can summarize the information from different resources which are written or spoken .

And can deal with the discussion that depend on these resources  and present them all in a natural way . He can understand /grasp the things  he hears or reads .


It lasts 120 hours and 1300+1300 new words are being taught and it lasts 6 months .