English Program for Primary Education

Why choose this program?
• Do not be late to teach your child English. After 14, language learning becomes difficult and requires more effort.
• Within 2 months you will see the change in your child.
• With the Oxford language course, you will see that your child’s natural speaking ability developed at this age is rapidly developing.
• Children who start to learn English in the early age will learn English by naturally enjoying it, will increase their self-confidence and succeed in other courses in the following process.
• In high school or college, your child will not need to reserve time or budget for preparatory study.
• Early childhood education will increase children’s dominance and learn English better in less time than adults.
• With your monthly reports you will receive relevant information about your children and you can easily observe your child’s English progress.
• Your children will speak confidently with special activities that improve their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.
• Learning English in Oxford is an education for your children and will be the key to socializing.
• As your child learns English and makes friends from different cultures, any kind of education will look differently and will capture a lifelong learning curve.
• Oxford’s 8-year experience will be the most beautiful gift you can give your children. They will have the pleasure of learning English by having fun.
• Children’s English course programs are available for children who want to learn English in all Elementary school years.

It is in your hands to change the future of your child!

Oxford Language Course Elementary English Program

It is aimed to teach English by taking lessons from the lessons and liking the language through student-centered activities. Communication based learning is provided by preventing grammar learning by memorization. Thanks to student-centered games and English education, children are given the ability to speak. Programs are prepared specifically for age groups, and our students are provided with education at their own age and level. Our students are taught in English to a higher level of learning with programs prepared in line with their interests, abilities and needs.
Our students are provided with the opportunity to think on the intended level of translation; in this way education is made effective. All of our trainers are formed and have specialist teachers. The participation of foreign instructors in class is an indispensable part of our education. Our trainers are not only teachers but also consultants and friends of our students. Our students’ progress is complemented by missing points, assignments and additional courses, as they are checked with regularly scheduled exams. Our trainers are in constant contact with not only our students but also parents. While parents are constantly kept informed of lessons, exams and projects, our advisors are always ready to answer parents’ questions. Primary education In our English language program, all textbooks come from the UK.