Our Education System

The Oxford language school is a foreign language educational institution that actively and successfully conducts language learning in areas such as General English, Exam English (TOEFL, IELTS, PREPARATION SKIP …), Business English and Online English Education. Our first goal of our school is to provide a communication-oriented education by keeping students active. During the course, the student supports this understanding with the visual and auditory activities and speech cues offered. The level measurement student (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2) by analyzing needs after making the most accurate person has a team working diligently in guiding the appropriate program and in terms of making the education in this direction is one of Turkey’s largest language school.


Interactive Lessons:

Your journey begins with Interactive Lessons. Interactive classes are available both online and online. In these lessons, you will gain the skills to practice speaking and speaking in real life through exercises with fun and current dialogues.

Digital Books:

It is an interactive book that offers students a unique and unique learning experience. Beyond classical exercise books, it provides interactive practice and access to resources.

Practical Practical Courses (Encounter):

The main language is the lessons taught in English by our teachers and the average of two people attending the same level. In these lessons you will improve your English speaking skills in a small group.

Fluent Speech Classes:

Our fluent conversation classes in our centers, where many different topics are taught, make you able to practice more with the same level of students.

Social Club Activities:

With the Social Club activities organized by our centers, you will have the opportunity to speak English in a fun and relaxed environment.

Chatting Hours (English Corner):

It is the hours that students practice with a teacher who speaks their native language in English.


All our students benefit free of charge from the cinema hall located in our course. Thanks to this activity, our students spend a good time with a social activity and with visual and auditory techniques; listening, understanding, reading skills. For this activity, movies are selected specially and the necessary studies for these films are done. At the beginning of the film, our students read the preparatory work and find opportunities to improve themselves during and after the film by answering specially prepared questions for each film.

Through this activity, our students gain familiarity with English in a social activity and use them to learn more actively by expanding on vocabulary.