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Oxford Language Course has been providing services since 2009 in Çerkezköy and Kapaklı, Tekirdağ region. English, German and also Russian, Arabic, French, Dutch and Spanish are taught. Besides the education, social activities take place in our Language Centre. All students of our course may take advantage of the cinema hall free of charge.

On particular days the learners develop their language skills by means of educational movies. Also, creative lessons of drama and theatre are given in our gym for free. Speaking skills needed in Daily life are acquired. English theatre and usical performance, participated by thousands of student, take place at the end of every school year.

In our Language Centre there are local and foreign tutors who are Professional in their own field. All of our teachers were born org ot education, for a cerain time, abroad. Aditionally, using Technologies plays an important role in the education success and makes the process of education enjoyable and interactive. That’s why all our classrooms are provided with the smart boards and the most up - to – date materials for learning foreign languages.

Our Professional teaching staff prepares students for such exams as YDS, TOEFL, KPDS, ÜDS, LYS5 and PROFICIENCY. Also, there are educational programs for preschoolers (Kindergarten), primary school, secondary school and high-school student on the weekdays and at the week-end.


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Our Courses

General English

Anyone who wants to add English as a concrete contribution to personal development or career can join our General English Trainings.

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Business English

The place of English in your business life is important because the world speaks English.

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Other Languages

German, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish

Corporate Education

Our training programs for our Institutional Clients to learn English in a fast and effective manner are conducted in the presence of a Turkish Foreign Trainer.

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Primary English Program

It is aimed to teach English by taking lessons from the lessons and liking the language through student-centered activities.

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Our Education System

Our Clubs

Students taking part in social activities gain the ability to communicate well with people around them. Communication that arises from misunderstandings will not come to an accident. Increased self-confidence does not prevent individuals from taking responsibility. It should not be forgotten that these qualifying individuals have great advantages in being successful in life. Success brings success. Educational institutions that give students a sense of self-confidence and responsibility with different social activities are considered to have played a major role in preparing individuals for their life. Students who take part in different activities increase their sensitivity to social and social events. It does not stop from reacting well or distracting the good from the bad, or voicing their appreciation. One of the most important conditions for success in business and social life is to be in harmony with the environment in the environment it is in. It is important to be able to act in the spirit of fusion and solidarity, to know where and how to talk and how to behave. The acquisition of these qualities is a great asset to social activities. It should not be forgotten that the skills of reading and listening (speaking), speaking and writing (literacy), which are the four basic pillars of understanding and speaking, and these areas are developed through learning and teaching process applications.

Drama Club

The aim of the English Drama Club is to enable students to develop their acting skills and English skills. In club hours, students learn basic drama techniques and practice drama.

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Cinema Club

All our students benefit from our cinema room, which is located in our school. The speaking skills of our trainees are being developed with educational films on certain days of the week.

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Our classes

In addition to education, activities are organized in our Language Center and social areas

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