Corporate English

Our training programs for our Institutional Clients to learn English in a fast and effective manner are conducted in the presence of a Turkish Foreign Trainer. Our trainees have the opportunity to practically apply the information they have learned with Turkish teachers in cooperation with our foreign teachers. Our activities are enriched with the use of OXFORD UNIVERSITY books for the acquisition of four basic language skills (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading), Smart Teams and our state-of-the-art classrooms.

Our trainees are free to participate in the test prepared by OXFORD UNIVERSITY before the training begins. Trainees measured according to foreign language level grammar and vocabulary information.

Beginner 60 hours 1 Turkish + 1 Foreigner
Elementary 60 hours 1 Turkish + 1 Foreign
Pre-Intermediate 60 hours All Foreign Teacher
Intermediate 60 hours All Foreign Teacher
Upper-Intermediate 60 hours All Foreign Teacher
Advanced 120 hours All Foreign Teacher

In order to measure the efficiency of the training offered to our trainees, the progress of the trainees is monitored by examinations made at the end of each course and compensation courses are given if deemed necessary. The progress of our students is measured not only by written exams, but also by oral exams conducted by our Foreign Teachers. After written and oral evaluations, verbal and communicative skills of our trainees as well as their written skills are evaluated and their development is followed. 120 hour programs are organized as 3 days on weekdays and 2 days on weekdays. Special classes can be opened in group requests for institutions.

In House Trainings

The Oxford Language Course can be given on the company’s premises in the direction of the English language training companies. In this case, a calm environment should be created by the company that is far from the work stress necessary for English education. In order to be educated again, the writing board, the computer, all the technical and audiovisual equipment must be provided by the company. It is important that the groups do not exceed 16 people in terms of the efficiency of education. The content of the training will be determined by our expert Turkish and foreign teachers taking into consideration the requests of the management of the company in the direction of the results of the level test such as the duration and the quality. Company management will be informed about the success status of the training areas during the training. Our in-house trainees can come to our branches and benefit from our activities free of charge.